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Segelov Taylor Lawyers specialises in acting in estate litigation and family provision claims in New South Wales for executors, claimants and others affected.

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Defending a Will against a claim

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Help enforcing distribution

Distribution of an estate from a Will or intestacy

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Help with Challenging Wills

Dementia, lack of capacity & undue influence

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Help administering estates

Obtaining Probate or Letters of Administration

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Help preparing a Will

Estate planning, statutory Wills

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Help with Contesting Wills

Family provision claims

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The Succession Act 2006 (NSW) allows an eligible person to contest a will where they have been left out of the will or not adequately provided for.

The Act defines an eligible person as:

  • A spouse or former spouse;
  • A de-facto (including same sex partner);
  • A child (including adopted child);
  • A person who was, at any time, dependant (wholly or partially) who is a grandchild or was a member of the deceased’s household; and
  • A person the deceased was living in close personal relationship with at the time of death.

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Our Fee Commitment

Our fees in contested wills matters

Segelov Taylor acts on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for individuals in approved family provision claims. This means if you are not successful then you will not be charged for our costs incurred in litigating the claim. You will not be charged any monies up front. We will pay all the disbursements (monies paid out by us for such things as court fees and mediator’s fees). We will not be paid for our work until the successful completion of your matter. Our fees our determined by an hourly rate plus disbursements. We do not charge a percentage of the amount recovered.

If you are not successful in your claim you may be ordered to pay the executor’s costs. It is therefore important you seek legal advice as to the merits of any claim before commencing proceedings.

When we act for an executor, the costs are normally paid on an indemnity basis from the estate.

In certain circumstances, Segelov Taylor will act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis in challenging a will.

Please contact our office and we will provide you with a free assessment of your case. We will in all circumstances provide a full costs disclosure and will discuss the costs arrangements prior to commencing work.

Please email, or call us  on 02 8880 0500 to discuss what assistance we can provide.

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